(Recruitment of Assistant Language Teachers)











(1) 履歴書(志望動機等を記したもの)
(2) パスポートの写し、就労ビザの写し、在留カード(外国人登録証)の写し
(3) 最終学歴の修了証書の写し
(4) TEFL/TESOL(英語教授法資格)を証明する書類の写し
(5) 以前の職場・学校の推薦状



佐野市教育委員会 学校教育課
※佐野市教育委員会 学校教育課に郵送、あるいは直接持参してください。




Sano City is now recruiting Assistant Language Teachers(ALTs) to work in elementary and Junior high schools in Sano City for one year, from April 2018 to March 2019.

1 Qualification Requirements:
(1) Applicants should be from a country where English is the mother tongue or is used in daily life, and must have a command of English equivalent to that of a native speaker.
(2) Applicants should have a college degree.
(3) Applicants should be of sound physical and mental health.
(4) Applicants are required to have an ability of daily conversation in Japanese.
(5) Applicants should have a valid working visa.
(6) Applicants should not have a criminal record.

2 Period of Contract:
April 1st, 2018 - March 31st, 2019(1 year)

3 Pay(proposed):  
285,000 yen per month (before tax and insurance premium deduction).
(Travel allowance and housing allowance are not provided.).

4 Work Days :
5 days per week, Monday through Friday, excluding national holidays.

5 Work Hours:
8:30-16:15, 7 hours 45 minutes (including 45 minutes break).

6 Welfare:
Welfare pension Health insurance Labor insurance.

7 Interview date:
January 26th (Sat),2019

8 Application documents:
(2)A Copy of Passport, A copy of Residence card (Copy of Alien registration card)
A Copy of driver’s license
(3)A Copy of Certificate that verifies the completion of your most recently obtained degree
(4)Documents proving TESOL/TEFL qualification
(5)Recommendation of previous workplace

9 Application period:
December 1st - December 28th, 2018

10 Application destination:
〒327-8501 Sano-shi Takasago-cho 1(佐野市高砂町1)
Sano-shi Kyouikuiinkai gakkoukyouikuka (佐野市教育委員会学校教育課)
※Please bring or mail the documents. 

11 Contact
Tel: 0283-20-3107
Person in charge: Mr Nagatake

Applicants will be selected from the submitted documents and interview process.
Please note that only applicants who pass the initial screening process will be contacted for an interview.
We are looking forward to meeting and working together with enthusiastic ALTs who have a positive attitude towards teaching and communication with staff, students and the community.

お問い合わせ   学校教育課 電話0283(20)3107